hello again!

i certainly need to update you more often, don’t i?  sorry about that.

well, if you’ll accept my sincerest apologies, i’ll offer just one complex excuse:  i have been computer-less six months now, almost to the day. 

complicated, right? 

it is.  it makes life harder in some ways, simpler in many other.  it means i’ve lost track of many of your blogs and certainly haven’t kept up on mine, again, sorry.  please send me your blog address again if you’d like.  i’d like that.  it means i come into work early and leave late just so i can use a computer to job search edit resumes and cover letters and apply, apply, apply.  it has benefitted my literary life; i highly recommend stieg larsson’s three novels, beginning with the girl with the dragon tatoo.  it resulted in the demise of my facebook account; if you’re one friend short it’s not because i don’t like you, just because i didn’t want to resort to checking facebook at work.  it has also given me plenty of extra time to write letters; let me know if you’d like a pen pal!  and i still get to sew, bake and sleep quite a bit. 

i’m sure you could think of a lot of simple things you’d do if you took your computer out of your life for mornings and evenings after work.

promise to write more often. 



~ by smpseattle on June 15, 2010.

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