oooooh! so that’s is why you stay at a job for 2, 3, 5 or more years

okay, maybe this applies mostly to human service jobs and not so much to people who deal in numbers, construction, office supplies, etc., but you stay at a job more than a year not because your employer wants you too, training hours are expensive, whatever, you stay because, when you work with humans, results happen in their own time and you want to be there.

this morning i raced to three different buses too early in the morning to get to a remote, industrial part of town with my very first spruce street client.  i started with her a year ago.  i can’t tell you the trouble she’s been for all her service providers.  but now she’s 18, not running, not on probation, trying to get her GED (even though she and her mom predicted once she turned 18 she’d stop caring about school), trying to get a job and trying to save up to get her own apartment.  this is progress i could have imagined a few months ago, but, in truth, never saw coming. 

what a delightful way to start my morning!  i’m glowing and i don’t even care that she found some guy on the bus she knew to chat with all the way back downtown, ignoring me.  i don’t care becasue she’s actually showing progress…and she did chat with me just a little before getting off that bus for her transfer. 



~ by smpseattle on October 14, 2009.

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