did you see the world tonight?

i’m not sure what it’s like where you are, but in my neighborhood the sky was not-quite-yet-midnight blue with a smattering of white, yes white clouds, despite the recent sprinkling.  the streetlights combined forces with that recent sprinkle to effectively exaggerate the green of the weeds growing amidst the thirsty yellowed grass.  colorful houses sat in bold and decided contrast to their constant, though ever changing, background: the sky.  and the fall leaves, still largely green, but transitioning, glistened in their coat of that refreshing gift from heaven.

…on this first cold fall night.

just so you know.  i’m doing well.  i’m living presently, after recently realizing that i’ve been living too far ahead of myself.  i make plans for the week, maybe month.  i spontaneously go on ice cream dates with new friends.  i mark up used vegetarian cookbooks for aging friends, newly vegetarian.  and i know life isn’t easy and am trying hard not to hide that knowledge from you.  you know it too; denying it would only be a lie.  but don’t judge me harshly if i still succeed in finding joy in my everydays.


~ by smpseattle on September 28, 2009.

One Response to “did you see the world tonight?”

  1. Thanks…that last paragraph is helpful. It’s hard to live presently. I missed the world tonight and last night…but hope to see it tomorrow.

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