what i should tell you even if i think you won’t listen:

my ideals, beliefs, vaues and morals are no less teased, purged, wrestled with or

sleep depriving than yours.

i walk softly and carry no big stick.

i grasp life loosely and desire to learn from you, but hopefully where reciprocity can be

respectfully bestowed.

i cannot stop hoping.

i hope for harmony. please don’t step on my hope.

i believe love is the answer and fills the gaps our individual human minds most plentifully


my θ is love and more than fills my gaps, at least when my humanity allows itself to be


i wrote this one night after realizing how hard it is for me to communicate with people who offer hate and passive aggression to me regarding subjects that touch my heart deeply.  i’m still working on being able to stand up for my beliefs, particularly those contraversial ones.  thanks for your support.


~ by smpseattle on August 18, 2009.

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