sarah in seattle

my world is not simple. it’s not easy. it’s not hard or complex. it’s neither heroic nor selfish. i’m following my insides my compulsions my God and i want your love and respect for being me, the me you loved and respected before all this. i know you love me.
i will not live on a pedestal nor be your vicarious adventure. live yours. follow your insides your compulsions your god(s). that’s what i want for you. i love you. so be you, loving me, remembering how much i love who you are.
this is my new endeavor to include you and remind us both that i am a human on a journey. a fun one. a journey full of personal growth. one with new people places phone numbers practices (totem) poles and praise. but i do mess up sometimes, get dirty, disappoint me and i hope even you once in a while. i have miserable days blah ones and joyous ones. my journey needs lots of editting. and i miss you plenty so please help me edit.

~ by smpseattle on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “sarah in seattle”

  1. Course I care that you have a blog! Nice rant 🙂

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